Nolia general provisions

Application is binding for the exhibitor until it has been accepted or rejected by Nolia. If the application has been accepted, a binding agreement will thereby have been entered into with respect to the stand and rent stated on Nolia's order/booking  confirmation. The date stated on the confirmation is the date of the binding agreement.

The exhibitor has the right to vacate the agreement only if written notification to that effect is made within 14 days after a binding agree-ment has been entered into. If such written notification not is presented within this period, the customer is liable for the entire registration fee as well as the rental amount and booked add. The application fee charged at an amount established for each fair is not refundable.

Terms of payment
The rental amount shall be paid at the latest two months before the first day of the exhibition or according to the terms stated on the order confirmation. A service charge will be added to each invoice. For late payments a penalty fee will be charged with 50 SEK and interest with reference rate + 8% will be added. We do not accept payment in cash. Payments with creditcard during the event will charged 1500 SEK.

Booking Conditions e-ticket
Bookings are conclusive, but can be transferred to another person before arrival. At repurchases due to illness medical certificate and reservation number is required. The buyer is charged a fee corresponding card charge if cancelling.

Nolia reserve the right to make any price adjustments. 

Breach of contract
If the exhibitor is in breach of contract and rectification is not made immediately on request, the exhibitor may be barred from participat-ion in current or future fairs. Payment of the agreed rent for the stand and stand service shall nevertheless this be paid.

Access to the exhibition area
The exhibition area shall have been taken possession of at the latest 24 hours before the beginning of the fair. In other cases, Nolia reser-ves the right to make use of the area. The stand may not be taken into use before the stand rent has been paid in full.

Transfer of a stand
It is not permitted to transfer or sub-let a stand, either completely or in part.

Safety regulations
It is not permitted to display live animals, explosive goods, or other items which Nolia regards as unsuitable from the point of view of sa-fety. Goods exhibited shall be in accordance with the provisions laid down by government agencies and/or by supervisory bodies, and shall, when required, be approved by such agencies or bodies. The exhibitor is reminded of his obligations under the Work Environment Act with respect to the exhibition of machinery etc. pursuant to Chapter 3, section 8, of the Work Environment Act (SFS 1977:1160). Nolia disclaims responsibility for all damage or directives arising from non-compliance with provisions or failure to obtain approval. The exhibitor will be responsible for compensating Nolia for all consequent expenses and damage.

The goods and services of the exhibitor
Goods and services may not be exhibited, which, in Nolia's judgment, are evidently unsuitable for the fair, from an aesthetic or quality point of view. If this has already occurred, then the goods shall be immediately removed on request. Nolia is hereby given the right to carry out such removal.Nolia reserve the right to determine which product groups as may be issued in the exhibition area. Exhibitors are requi-red to disclose all products and companies represented/co-exhibitors in the notification.

The exhibitor must keep their stand  in good condition. The exhibitor is obliged to submit to the adjustments in place and space that the situation may be sought. Complaints to the assigned stand location is given out before the stand is occupied. If the indoor stand height exceeds 2.5 m must plan drawing and strength calculation be sent to Nolia no later than 2 months before the fair's opening.

The exhibitor is responsible for leaving the area in the condition it was found on arrival. If this is not done, the costs of restitution will be debited.

Removal of exhibited items
All exhibition items are to be removed at the latest by the time stated for each fair. Other agreements may be made with Nolia. If items are not removed, the exhibitor will be responsible for compensating Nolia for costs and damage which may arise.

Electricity, water and telephone
Electricity, water and telephone are ordered on a separate form. The exhibitor will be responsible for installation and consumption char-ges. Installation is to be carried out by a contractor appointed by Nolia.

Sales of food and drink
The exhibitor may not sell food, drink or sweets for consumption at the fair unless otherwise agreed.

Some responsibilities and prohibitions

The exhibitor is not allowed to:

a) to distribute advertising or other information outside one's own stand

b) erect a stand so that it obscures another exhibitor's stand, nor to design a stand so that it creates an aesthetic disturbance for neighbou-ring exhibitors, nor to carry on activities such as loudspeaker equipment or other audiovisual devices that infringe upon other exhibitor's activities

c) to locate objects outside the fair area or to block fire protection appliances, emergency exits, electricity distribution boxes, or other common facilities of the fair

d) to use other surface treatment than Nolia's standard on Nolia's walls and other material without special permission having been given by Nolia

e) to use decoration materials which have not been approved by the fire authorities

f) to use open flame, or keep gas and easily combustible liquids in the exhibition area without the permission of the fire authorities and the fair

g) to arrange the stand, decorations, demonstrations and sales in such a way as to conflict with the basic rules of the International Cham-ber of Commerce for advertising, or which disturb other exhibitors and visitors

h) all verbal and written marketing is to be reliable and compatible with the Marketing Practices Act

i) to sell draw tickets without permission from Nolia

j) political or other propaganda not directly connected with the exhibitor's products or sales may not be carried out at the stand or within the fair area.

Exhibitors are obliged to name any co-exhibitors and their products in their application. 

Damage and insurance
All responsibility for damage which may occur to exhibited items during transport to and from the fair site and while at the fair, will be borne by the exhibitor. Nolia disclaims all responsibility for damage in connection with the exhibition which may be caused by the exhibi-tor, his staff or property, as well as damage which may be caused to the exhibitor and his staff or property. The exhibitor should therefore take out insurance.

Demonstration of machinery
Demonstration of machinery with a high noise level or machine which can cause ground damage may only take place at a demonstration site allocated by Nolia. The exhibitor is responsible for restoring the site to its original condition.

Other provisions
The exhibitor undertakes to comply with Nolia all general provisions and other special provisions that may be issued by Nolia and authori-ties. If, due to circumstances over which Nolia not exist, restrictions of heating or the provision of electricity and water, the exhibitor is not entitled to recover the booth rental or part thereof, and nor receive any form of compensation.

Force Majeure
If, as a result of war, special actions on the part of authorities, strikes, lockouts, fire or another comparable circumstance, Nolia is obliged to cancel or postpone the fair, the stand rent will not be refunded. The exhibitor has, however, as soon as the exhibition can be organised, priority right to a stand, and eventually, with Nolia's agreement, to a reduction of the stand rent.

Disputes concerning the drafting, interpretation or application of this agreement, and provisions annexed to this agreement, as well as disputes concerning legal circumstances therein and arising therefrom and related matters, shall be decided by arbitration according to the arbitration procedure laid down in the Swedish Arbitration Act. Chapter 16, section 4, of the Code of Judicial Procedure shall apply to the arbitration procedure, which shall take place in Umeå. Regardless of the outcome, each party shall bear it own costs and share the fees and costs of the arbitrators.

Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, demands for payment for a good or service and requests for removal shall be heard by a public court of law. Nolia shall not as a result of instituting such proceedings now referred to be regarded as having otherwise departed from the above provision for arbitration. Should a special tax or another other charge be debited on the undertakings contained in this contract, an equivalent amount shall be paid to Nolia by the exhibitor.

Personal data act 
Existing personal data will be recorded in our business systems to facilitate our management.

We do not collect information that can identify you without your knowledge and agreement, nor do we sell such information. We ask for personal information when you register for trade fair, conference, event or similar. The information usually consists of name, title, address, e-mail and/or credit card information. Personal information is only collected when needed to offer a certain product or service. 

We do not share the information with third parties without your agreement unless forced by law or to protect Nolia's rights and property. In order to fulfil your request, we might share your information with a third party, including (not limited to) - forwarding agents, vendors, distributors, finance institutions, business associates and postals or government agencies (customs). 

If you want to remove, access or update your personal information, please contact us.